Why Repower?

Product Excellence

We recycle, refurbish, and repower industrial batteries for the material handling industry. Our final product is a high quality repowered battery that works like new for a fraction of the cost. With over 1000 battery cores in stock we work to turn around most sizes in 1-2 weeks, in addition to our on-hand inventory.


All of our batteries are backed by our 1 year warranty. This is our commitment to you and your peace of mind.

Free Freight

ALL freight is included for the lower 48 United States and some parts of Canada, with all logistics handled by our in-house team. We offer a single point of contact for large packages and multiple locations.

Commitment to Sustainability

Even though recycling batteries is a common practice, it isn’t always done properly. Our EPA-certified process and facilities meet all requirements for disposing of hazardous and non-hazardous materials. By reusing materials to create a new product, we divert thousands of pounds of waste and hazardous material away from landfills each month.


Percent Free Freight


Percent commitment to our customers


Day warranty after purchase


Pounds of batteries recycled in 2022

Discover the strength of repowered performance.

Our Mission

Provide an exceptional level of customer service.

Our Vision

Offer the customer the best possible service, selection, quality and value.

Our Promise

Conduct business with honesty and integrity placing a high value on exceeding customer expectations.